JAYJUN Vita Snow

By Jayjun


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  • JAYJUN Vita Snow
  • JAYJUN Vita Snow
  • JAYJUN Vita Snow
  • JAYJUN Vita Snow
  • JAYJUN Vita Snow
  • JAYJUN Vita Snow
A skin brightening and natural extract enriched product. 
1) Vita Snow Essence (Skin-Brightening Cosmetics)
The ingredient niacinamide in Vita Snow Essence helps with skin brightening.
It supplies nutrition and moisture to your skin and keeps it smooth and moisturized.
2) Vita Snow Powder
When this powder form product touches your skin, the change in temperature turns it into essence and sinks into your skin. It keeps your skin bright and glowing.
1) After putting toner on at the end of cleansing, apply Vita Snow Essence to your skin and let it sink in as you massage your face.
2) Put Vita Snow Powder on your hand and let it melt by the temperature of your hand and apply it to the areas where intensive care is needed.
* You may use the power and essence all at once after mixing an appropriate amount.
Configuration and Volume 
1) Vita Snow Essence 30ml
2) Vita Snow Powder 5ml * 4ea
1) Vita Snow Essence
Purified water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Propylene Glycol, Niacinamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine HCL, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Sodium Benzoate, Allantoin, Oligopeptide-1, PEG-60 Hydrogenated, Castor Oil, Disodium EDTA, Spices, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Green tea Extract, Lemon Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract

2) Vita Snow Powder
Purified water, Silica, Glycerin, 1,2-Hexandiol, Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether, Carica Papaya ( Papaya) Fruit Extract, Tomato Extract, Brassica Oleracea Capitata (Cabbage) Extract, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Extract